At Jeepster Solutions we specialise in the repair or full restoration of WW 2 Willys and Ford Jeep 6 volt electrical equipment and Carter WO 539s carburettors.

We can repair or fully restore 6 volt starter motors, generators,voltage regulators and distributors.

Carter WO 539s carburettors are our speciality.
We can repair them or do a complete restoration depending on your needs.

Our repairs and restorations use new parts, many of them being Carter original unused stock including new Carter carburettor floats which are extremely rare and hard to find these days, but we have them.

Wether we carry out a repair or full restoration we will set the pump stroke, metering valve height and float level to the correct settings using original carter tool gauges so that the carb runs like it did when it left the factory, perfectly. If you would like a price for a repair or a full restoration please use the contact us button to send me an Email to discuss your requirements.

We also have a stock of original WW 2 high quality Carter WO 539s carburettors which have been fully checked and re built by our engineer.
These are extremely hard to find high quality,original,and fully restored and will be available for the pure enthusiast to purchase shortly.
Slide shows of our repair and restoration work projects
 Carter WO 539s carburettor
Autolite 6 volt generator
Autolite 6 volt voltage regulator
Autolite 6 volt starter motor
Autolite 6 volt distributor
Hotchkiss M201
Marchal Dynamo
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